Flipping the script: Mixtape Photos in Front of the Lens

Guest post by Elizabeth Robichaud, originally posted to www.greeninkstains.com

My partner Saajid runs Mixtape Photos which means that I get to assist on shoots and events. It also means that often when we’re both dressed up, we rarely get photos together. Or at least photos that aren’t selfies.

This past weekend, Markus Staley of Markus Staley Photography had us out at Wynchwood Artscape Barns in our neighbourhood for a couples’ session.

It was a blast and a chance for both of us to be in front of camera at the same time. It’s amazing working with other photographers who are able to capture private moments and the glints of love reflecting from someone’s eyes.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day. 

Thanks to Markus for a great Sunday evening and some fantastic photos that we’ll treasure for a long time to come. Check out more photos from our shoot here including more luchador shots. 

Guest post by Elizabeth Robichaud, originally posted to www.greeninkstains.com

soooo....... this guy.

soooo.... guy is a lumberjack ..... for real..........lumberjack......this guy.

Anyways simons a friend of my makeup artist (meg simm of www.megsimm.com ) came to hang out with us and we squeezed a quick 10 min portrait session out of him ...... cuse im mean that way :D

Went to New York to Kick Some Balls (with Toronto Kickball)

I went down to NYC last weekend and tagged along with the Toronto Kickball league as they played the Brooklyn International Kickball Tournament. After a red-eye bus ride (No Sleep Till Brooklyn), we arrived and took a bite out of the Big Apple.  I came back to Toronto with some awesome memories, a pair custom Lego mini-figs of me and my partner, new gear from a B&H trip and a few photos. 

As we say at Toronto Kickball: TO KICKING BALLS!