Meet Fox!

My college buddy Kyle called me over to be a fly on the wall as they hung out with their newborn, fox. such a pleasure !

I'm slowly packing memories into a little tin box.

With liz in san francisco at the dreams force 16 conference its up to me pack up our stuff for our big move into our new apartment and i find myself packing all my little nic nacs into a little doctor who lunchbox. its a slow process. each thing a memory, a trigger, sad, happy, angry ...... this is going to take forever. 


Tamar and Einavs wedding ( with the help of bunzzz )

hey soooo something special just happened,

This morning i was was on bunz and saw this two beautiful women from Israel had a friend unable to attend their marriage ceremony at City Hall. They had already married in Israel, but their country doesn't recognize gay marriage. But, Canada does! They were looking for someone to be a witness, so i offered some help with a bit o wedding photography on the house :D it was awesome! congrats to the couple.

also there was a newspaper thing written about it.