I may get to survive a zombie outbreak .... "may" ....

And here I am, thinking if a zombie outbreak ever happens id be a dead man …. undead man in but a few days. as this thought bounces about my head, my friend Eric comes a calling and invites me to shoot the Zombie Survival Camp outside of Orillia Ontario!

Operating in Southern Ontario since 2013, Zombie Survival camp and our team of instructors have been touring the country, setting up shop and training people in wilderness survival, self-defence and self-reliance.

We teach real skills and teamwork principles that can save your life in any situation. And our signature zombie outbreak simulation will turn any group of people into a tight-knit survival squad. Whether it be a birthday or bachelor party, corporate team-building event, or one of our trademark zombie survival weekends, Zombie Survival Camp is here to empower you with real life-saving skills and turn you into zompocalyptic badasses.

Dainty Smith as Lilith

Dainty Smith is an award-winning multidisciplinary Actor, Burlesque Performer, Playwright, Producer, and Speaker. Dainty believes that through the art of storytelling and a willingness to be exposed that genuine human connections can be made. Her performances often tell deeply vulnerable stories regarding race, religion, sexuality and challenging social boundaries. She has acted in the acclaimed theatre troupe Les Blues and co-produced the performance art collective Colour Me Dragg. Her diverse array of stage performances include the Mayworks Festival, Rock. Paper. Sistahz, Caminos Festival for Aluna Theatre, The Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Artscape, and Daniels Spectrum Theatre. She is the founder of Les Femme Fatales: Women of Colour burlesque troupe, the first and only burlesque troupe for women of colour in Canada.

This work is the second play written and produced by storyteller and performer Dainty Smith, ''Daughters Of Lilith'' is a story about how Black women survive love, loss, heartbreak, misogynoir and trauma in a deeply anti-Black world. Directed by Ravyn Wngz and featuring a magical multidisciplinary cast of Black women creatives, it is a courageous exploration of love, heartbreak and witchcraft told through dance, movement, oral storytelling, projections and ancestral conjuring.