Headshot party!!!

So meg ( of Https://www.megsimm.com/  ) and I tryed something new.....ish, we had a bit of a headshot party! we wanted to see how many headshots we could do in one day! In a span of 5 hours we had about 7 people come in, get all touched up by the talented makeup artist meg simm and shot in her living room. here are a small sample of what we got :D  

Thanks to everyone that came out and more to come!!!! 

soooo....... this guy.

soooo.... guy is a lumberjack ..... for real..........lumberjack......this guy.

Anyways simons a friend of my makeup artist (meg simm of www.megsimm.com ) came to hang out with us and we squeezed a quick 10 min portrait session out of him ...... cuse im mean that way :D